I am a researcher and a collaborative, reflective creative practitioner and producer. My research focus is highly interdisciplinary, spanning experimental psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, participatory HCI and Human Data Interaction. After completing a Master’s in English Literature at Oxford, I began working on various digital projects, with a particular focus on information architecture and user experience design. I then completed a masters in Media & Arts Technology and a PhD within the Cognitive Science research group at Queen Mary, University of London. My thesis focused on dialogue, (dis)agreement and shifts in stance, combining approaches from experimental psychology and computational linguistics. Working on a diverse range of projects, across a number of fields has, at times, led me to think that there is neither rhyme nor reason to my pursuits. However, on reflection, the unifying theme is a fundamental curiosity into human communication, language and knowledge structures, and what impact the proliferation of digitally mediated systems are causing at a social, and psychological, level. 

Currently, I am a researcher at the University of Cambridge, working on the Giving Voice to Digital Democracies project. In particular, I study ethical dimensions of language-based technologies, such as dialogue agents and other natural language processing applications. Previously, I have held postdoctoral positions at the Universities of York (Digital Creativity Labs) and Newcastle (Open Lab). These positions have enabled me to explore the role of digital technologies, machine learning and the use of novel mediums in supporting more meaningful and engaging interactions with data. My applied research & creative practice has involved collaborations with leading cultural institutes, including BBC and Barbican. As a creative practitioner and producer, I have worked with community arts organisations, such as MzTek and Guerilla Science. I have also produced and collaborated on projects for Barbican, York Mediale, Green Man and Shambala festivals and Kino Klalssika, amongst others.


Here is a snapshot of what I have been up to.

ECOde with Invisible Dust
physical computing / sensors / art
Breastfeeding in Public: analytics and politics
computational linguistics / social media / data
Status Suit: a performed ethnography
writing / art / performance
We are not a number: experiences of leaving care
data / interactive storytelling
Filmmaking hackathon for data-driven storytelling
video / interactive storytelling / data
The Cutting Room Presents: What is Love?
art / interactive storytelling
Perspective Media: Data Videos
interactive storytelling / video / data
Taking a Stance: experimenting with deliberation in dialogue
research / dialogue / psychology
WhatFutures: experimenting with substantive dialogue across continents
computational linguistics / social media / data
Eisenstein Explorations
interaction design / archives
Digital Democracy Workshop
digital democracy
research / computational linguistics / data / health
TEMPO (Twitter Exploration for Mining Patient Opinions)
computational linguistics / social media / machine learning / data / health
Plant Hack
interaction design / physical computing
Understanding Arts Audiences through Twitter Data
computational linguistics / social media / machine learning
Hacked Human Orchestra
physical computing / audio / art
BBC World Service Audio Archive: experimenting with computer-generated tags
interaction design / archives / audio


If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, drop me a line!


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