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I completed my PhD in the Cognitive Science research group at Queen Mary, University of London. My PhD focused on dialogue, (dis)agreement and shifts in stance. The work is interdisciplinary and combines approaches from experimental psychology and computational linguistics.  I am now a post doctoral research associate at Open Lab, Newcastle University working on the Digital Local Democracy strand, thinking about how community groups can come together to deliberate and solve problems collectively. An important prior to this is understanding the importance of good information provision and the provenance of information sources. Consequently, I am also interested in human-data-interaction and collective-sense-making through interactions with data. In a prior life I studied English Literature. Reading novels and poetry is still a favourite pass time.


Here is a snapshot of what I have been up to.

Taking a Stance: experimenting with deliberation in dialogue
WhatFutures: experimenting with substantive dialogue across continents
Eisenstein Explorations
Digital Democracy Workshop
TEMPO (Twitter Exploration for Mining Patient Opinions)
Plant Hack
Understanding Arts Audiences through Twitter Data
Hacked Human Orchestra


If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, drop me a line!


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