Cutting Room at York Mediale

The exhibition of “The Cutting Room Presents: What is Love?” was featured as part of York Mediale 2018. I was an assistant producer for the installation at Holy Trinity Church on Goodramgate.

This installation allowed viewers to take a seat in an enclosed pew, and play a role in the narrative of the film “What is Love?”, an interactive short film developed by Symbolism Studios.

Using a peppers ghost and a leap we created an environment in which the audience can interact through gesture to impact the fate of the characters. The underlying technology supporting the piece is Cutting Room, developed by Davy Smith and colleagues at the Digital Creativity Labs, University of York. Cutting Room is a piece of software that supports the design and execution of interactive video, compositing in real time to support highly adaptive content manipulation.

More about “What is Love?”

Set in the near future, in a world where Artificial Intelligence is commonplace within our daily lives, What is Love? tells the story of an ambitious young couple, Jack and Amelia, while they work apart in different countries. When they begin to neglect their relationship, AI detects the problem and steps in to help.

Onlookers are invited into the narrative as Jack and Amelia’s mediated life unfolds before their eyes and ‘fate’ takes hold.

Powered by The Cutting Room, an Object Based Media tool developed by Davy Smith in DC Labs in collaboration with BBC R+D, What Is Love? premieres a new breed of storytelling, algorithmically tailored to each viewer.

No two voices or vantage points need be the same, as edit decisions are controlled in real time. The technology responds to the audience in terms of length, depth of interest, location, personal preferences, lifestyle, age and more.

What is Love? has been created and produced by Symbolism Studios and commissioned specifically for York Mediale to showcase this new technology.

Watch a video about the York Mediale exhibition of What is Love