Project Overview

Status Suit: a performed ethnography

writing / art / performance

In 2013 I worked with John Wild on the a Digital Duchamp project commissioned by the Barbican, “Status Suit”. John created a suit bearing an LCD panel on the back, broadcasting his tweets to those proximate to him in his physical space.

The Barbican write up describes the work as follows:

Mirroring online profiles and our constant social interactions with the world, ‘Status Suit’ is a suit with an embedded LCD screen, broadcasting the wearer’s status updates simultaneously on the jacket and to Twitter. Personal thoughts are no longer private, opening up the possibility of unmediated comments, interactions, discussions and conflict.

A number of performed walks were conducted around east London by John, wearing the suit. I, ‘the observer’ followed at a distance and observed how the presence of the status suit impacted on passers by, tweeting ethnographic observations when passers by oriented towards the suit.